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UCMM: United Council of Multiple MUDsites Network Organization

The MUD Connector

Affiliated MUD Resource Organization

World IMC Network Headquarters

HNE MUD Division & AudioRealm


UCMM: United Council of Multiple MUDsites Network Organization
Serving, advertising and linking MUDs and organizations to the world. UCMM is a constantly growing union of MUDs and organizations unified in the cause to help the developement of everyone envolved. We offer all members first releases on new projects before they are released to the public. We offer everyone downloads, links to other resources and much more. UCMM is the second oldest and amongst the top 5 MUD resources in the English speaking world. Anyone is welcome to join for free, just visit the site and check out the Members & Affiliates Section. We also offer a Mailing List and a WebRing for Webpages.

TMC: The Mud Connector and TMS: Top MUD Sites
TMC is the oldest and the top MUD resource in the English speaking world and offers forums, listings for hundreds of MUDs and much more. TMS is an up and coming site started in early 2000 by Aladeptus and with a jump from Ntanel StormBlade, President of UCMM, AMRO and WIN. With a popular hit based ranking system, forums and more, TMS has become one of the top 5 MUD resources in the English speaking world.

AMRO: Affiliated MUD Resource Organization
AMRO offers a list of the top MUD resources including codebase headquarters and sites which can provide information which is hard to find.

WIN: World Inter-MUD Communication Network
WIN is the headquarters for IMC2 created by Oliver Jowett (Nemon), later modified by Charlie Gucker (Wisdom), the staff's of UCMM, UMRG and Gregor Moody (Shogar). We also run the controlling interest in the original IMC2 network which was also formally ran by Nemon and Wisdom. We offer help connecting MUDs to the World Inter-MUD Communications Network which is ran by HNEM and other organizations.

HNEM & AR: HNE MUD Division & AudioRealm
HNEM & AR is the MUD Division of AudioRealm, the largest Internet Radio site in the world. HNEM & AR features links to both MUD resources and Internet Radio Stations which encourage MUDders to listen to Internet Radio while MUDding or surfing the Internet.

Finally, we run a MUD named ResortMUD as our corperate headquarters and ResortMUD 2: The Last Resort - Approaching Zero, it is not just a lot of stock areas, it has about (100) areas to explore, check it out in the MUDConnector for more details.

UCMM WebRing

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