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Mud Connector: Reviews

We are proud to be able to finally open this new section of TMC, featuring reviews of some of the muds listed in our database. While our present list of reviews is indeed small, keep in mind that our review staff is working around the clock to bring you high quality reviews. Check back here often, as it is our goal to post several new reviews a month.

We also allow mud players and staff members to submit reviews of their muds (provided the mud is listed here). Simply search for your mud's listing in one of our search engines, then look for a 'submit a review for this mud' in the links section of the mud listing. Note that some muds may have requested to refuse all reviews, in this case the link will not be available. All submitted player/staff reviews will be linked from the mud listing.

Important Note: It has been reported to us that certain individuals have attempted to pose as TMC reviewers in an attempt to gain privledges on some muds. Let me assure you that our legitimate reviewers will not engage in such activity, please report such activity to us and provide us with connection times and the IP address of anyone making such a claim, as we will report this to their system administrators and/or deny their access from TMC.

Completed Reviews

Batmud [July 22, 2008]
Materia Magica [December 17, 2007]
SlothMUD III [April 14, 2003]
DragonStone [October 30, 2002]
The X-Files MUCK [August 19, 2002]
Legends Untold [July 30, 2002]
Dragon's Fang [October 11, 2001]
Realms of Despair [July 5, 2001]
Urath [January 26, 2001]
Dark Waters 2 [Pirate Wars] [December 10, 2000]
Wheel of Time [November 16, 2000]
Necromium [August 20, 2000]
Haven Lpmud [July 13, 2000]
Ansalon [May 25, 2000]
The Inquisition [February 25, 2000]
Teenagers From Outer Space MUX (TFOS) [January 11, 2000]
Carrion Fields [December 10, 1999]
CyberASSAULT [October 19, 1999]
After the Plague [September 28, 1999]
Discworld [August 2, 1999]
Thanatos [July 18, 1999]
Dragon Swords [July 3, 1999]
Lensmoor [June 27, 1999]
MUME - Multi Users In Middle Earth [May 30, 1999]
Castle of the Exiles [April 24, 1999]
Sleepless Nights [April 13, 1999]
Age of War [March 27, 1999]
3-Kingdoms [March 14, 1999]
Malevolence [February 25, 1999]
KoBra [February 17, 1999]
Sojourn [February 7, 1999]
Threshold RPG [January 22, 1999]
Royal Training: DreamScape [December 14, 1998]
Rehobaom's Legacy [December 6, 1998]
Hidden Worlds [November 30, 1998]
Allusia: The Web of Deception [November 19, 1998]
Babylon 5: The Last Best Hope [November 10, 1998]
Basternae [October 31, 1998]
Abandoned Realms [October 17, 1998]
Waterdeep [September 29, 1998]

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Disclaimer: All TMC reviews are copyrighted by their respective
authors. These reviews appear with permission of their authors.

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