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TMC Resource Center

Mud Code and Snippets

ACK!MUD Community Site - The ACK!MUD community site. Get the latest code releases and news on ACK!MUD development. Meet other ACK! players and admins!

AIME codebase - Home page for the relativly new AIME mud engine

Arthea MUD - A single-threaded object oriented mud in C#. Features as of v1.0 include customizable color, on-line creation and character/item/room scripts, reboots with persistent connections, races, classes, socials, skills, spells, and clans.

AweMUD Server - AweMUD is a MUD server written in C++, designed to run on UNIX systems, and allowing clients to connect thru a conventional telnet or MUD client. BattletechMUX - Home of the BattletechMUX project, which is a codebase that features a real-time combat system centered around looming 100 ton war machines. Has a full-fledged combat system with a variety of unit types such as Mechs, Quads, Choppers, Tanks, BattleSuits, Naval Ships, Aerospace Fighters, Dropships, and more.

CircleMuds Home Page - One of the most widely used platforms for muds

Coder's Club - A place where coders can share and get help on specific internal and building code problems, ideas and discussions. :0)

CoffeeMud Home Page - The home page for CoffeeMud, an all-java MUD with dozens of Races, hundreds of spells and abilities, and intelligent MOB behaviors.

Erwin Andreasen's Page - Snippets, mudftp, MERC programming FAQ, Merc/Derivative programmers webring, a client, some hard to find/new codebases, and a mud personality test.

GlowMUCK Mud Server - Primary development site for the GlowMUCK server. Derived from TinyMuck 2.2/Fuzzball 5.xx. Download sources and windows compiled binaries from here, web documentation and installation guides.

Godwars Mud Resource - Home of the godwars codebase repository and godwars and derivitives forums.

Kindred Spirits Snippets - A collection of spells, skills and other snippets written by Belmakor for the kindred spirits mud. This collection also contains some areas.

Kracus&&Krondor's Legends Forgotten Code Snippets - The Legends Forgotten Code Snippets Website with documentation, bug fixes, skill codes, spell codes, admin commands, mobprog code, and even shell scripts.

Lobbins Code Page - Quite a few ROM/Merc snippets. Global socials, hidden objects, hometown, morgue, remort, many more.

MUD Developers Club - A Club on Yahoo where Coders Old and New share ideas, code, and look for employment or employers.

Mud Code Central - This site is filled with mud snippets form many differnt code themes. you can take and give snippets. Come on down and check it ou

MudBytes: Code Repository - MudBytes is a code repository dedicated to offering the MUD community a free and open place to exchange snippets, release codebases, provide advice, and offer opinions. - Another mud codebase/snippet site. Official home to Zarius's smaug/afkmud snippets as well as something for everyone

Mushcode.Com - MUSH/MUX code, tutorials, utilities, artwork, and more!

NamelessMUCK Code (MUCK Server Software) - The NMC Website covers both the software and the 'test MUCK' the software is used on. NamelessMUCK Code, a derivitive of FBMuck 5.x will use FBMuck 5.x databases, and it is compiled native for both Unix and for Windows platforms.

PAiN Mud Codebase - PAiN is a new MUD codebase written with Java with it's own database written with C++.

POM - The Perception Oriented MUD - A C#.NET MUD Server currently under development that focuses on modelling interactions and responses as the result of perception

Salem's Snippets - A site featuring many RoT/Rom snippets that are very useful on any mud - - The Smaug MUD Community Center. A place where Smaug enthusiasts from all over can come together and exchange ideas, have discussions, or just pick up the latest bugfixes, code, and snippets for Smaug MUDs. Featured code includes Smaug, SWR, SWFOTE, and AFKMud.

Talvo's MUSHcode - A collection of softcoded globals for PennMUSH games.

Thales' Snippet Collection - Here is a good selection of (mostly) ROM 2.4 snippets.

The Ceramic Mouse - Everything circle-patches, snippets, documentation, help for administrators.

The Infinite Archive - ROT/ROM based snippets including vehicle code

The StarterMud Project - The StarterMud Project was started to convert various Mud Servers over to Windows for either coding, building or even running a mud. Currently, There a MSVC ports of Rom24b6 and a Win/Linux cygwin version. I've also done an MSVC port of Rot1.4. All have requested code or some improvements. More added upon request.

Wheelmud - Like c#, love mudding, then this is the site for you!

Wolfman's Codebase Page - Over the past years, I have created several derivative bases, and saved the best 4. I know that some of you recognize me from either my muds I have run or from the joint effort Jihad Mud... run by Elkor and myself. I am posting all my past bases due to the many requests I have received, and also due to that I will be taking a hiatus from coding for a short while. I hope everyone enjoys my creations.

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