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AL MUD Client - A free and easy to download client that has an automapper, manual mapping, edit box, customizable buttons, aliases, actions, hotkeys, replacements, highlights, delay timers, variables, math and logic commands, stacking, speedwalking, ignore lists, arrow keys, customizable fonts, ANSI color, and more. GUI version for Windows and console mode version for Linux.

Atlantis - Atlantis is a Mac OS X native MUSH/MUX/MUCK/MOO client. Though it's not designed with MUDs primarily in mind, it has several MUD-centric features, including support for MCCP. It also supports SSL, basic MCP and Growl for notifications. It runs on both PowerPC and Intel Macs, and supports user- defined 'spawn' windows, and a powerful graphical event- editing system for scripting simple events.

BIM Telnet Client - Home of open source software created by BIM. The BIM Telnet Client is an application written using java only. Features include: Aliases Triggers(trigger a pattern of commands and even notify other open characters within the applications context so that those characters can act as a trigger) Patterns(execute multiple commands with one simple command) Communicate with other characters in the application context(control multiple characters with one interface) Map grids and save them in persistant storage. These grids can be used to send notifications to other characters in the same context to seek a grid location(both characters must be using the same grid). Another bonus for the grid map is that a search can be done on text that is retrieved from the server. If a match is found then a pattern is executed. Open source

CWSApps - Telnet Apps - Probably the most detailed and comprehensive list of 16-bit telnet apps available for Windows.

Cantrip - The Cantrip project is a freeware OS X mud client that has been in the making since the introduction of Mac OS X. Today, Cantrip sports all the basic functions, such as definable aliases, extended triggers, channels, macros and automated tasks, as well as unique functions such as plug-ins. Best of all, Epimetrias, the maker of Cantrip, is still working on the client, constantly adding functions suggested by users, so whatever the client might lack, it will soon be included. Cantrip is only available for OS X, and is currently the most function-rich client available for the platform.

Cartier - Cartier is a graphical addon automapper for any MUD client in existence, it acts like a proxy between your MUD client and the MUD. One can write very complex programs with Javascript (lists, arrays, string and numeric variables). It has triggers and a navigator which calculates the shortest way between distant rooms. Maps can get as large as 1000x1000 of 3 levels, the file format is XML. Features extensive documentation, a tutorial and examples.

Clio MUD2 Client - Clio is a client designed specifically for use with MUSE's MUD2, which is direct descendant of Trubshaw & Bartle's original MUD. However, it can also be used as a standard telnet client for any MUD. Features include ANSI colour, full colour logging in HTML, sound effects, scroll back buffer, definable function keys, local command editing, command history, autologin, and MUD2 player status display. Clio runs under Windows, Linux, and Unix.

DoNclient - A developing mud client. New features and improvements are being added almost constantly, both to meet the requests of players and to increase the overall quality of the program. Features include very simple triggers, logging, a compose window, and much more. Try it now!

DragonStone Mud Client - Winsock based Mud Client. Ansi Colour, Multiple Macro/Trigger and Alias sets. Configurable front end.

Firebolt Software Home Page - Home of Fire Client - Mud Client for a new world - Site for downloading the best MUD client made, Fire Client. The newest version is solid and I recommend it to anyone who cares about mudding and doing cool stuff too.

Frontier Mud Mapper - You like text based adventure games, but find it hard to know your way around? Try Frontier Mud Mapper! A MUD client designed SPECIFICALLY for Frontier... Frontier is a medieval based LP that offers: * an original town layout with over 6500 rooms * three (3) full-fledged guilds * eight (8) custom built races * an established set of twenty-four (24) quests * limited player-killing for those that desire it * friendly, helpful staff * open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Installing the Frontier Mud Mapper get's you onto Frontier right away. The Mapper lets you: * map your way around as soon as you create your character * Direction Icons on a huge grid show your room's exits * Identify important rooms with Legend icons (church, shop, etc) * save multiple maps for different areas * Link maps together just by walking into rooms * Stackable commands * Unlimited aliases * Assignable Hot Buttons for quick-click commands Our soul motive is to see more of you on Frontier. No gimmicks. Just great mudding fun.

GGMud - GGMud is a multiplatform opensource MUD client, it has a graphical interface based on GTK with full ANSI support, alias, triggers, highlights, gags, tickcounter with tintin++ compatibility. Actually works on Win32, Linux and MacOSX. This program is born from a merge of SClient and tintin++.

GosClient - The site contains information and download for GosClient, my MUD client. By now the only pages translated in english are the home and the dawload page, the rest will be translated as soon as possible. There is also an italian version, the original one. The client, instead, has been completely translated. I hope you like it... This is my e-mail address: can you send me a message whether you decide to add my client to the list? thank you very much

HTTP2telnet gateway - This WWW-site offers three ways (WWW, JAVA and native) of connecting to MUDs/telnet sites through a firewall that only allows HTTP traffic (WWW pages).

KMuddy - KMuddy is an actively developed client for the K Desktop Environment. Offers all basic features and is beginning to support scripting and MXP.

KildClient - KildClient is a MUD Client for Linux, using the GTK+ toolkit. It supports all main features of mud clients, such as triggers, gags, aliases, macros, timers, etc. It has support for Perl scripting, which gives it lots of flexibility and power to do virtually anything.

Kmud - Kmud is a free graphical MUD client for Linux and other Unix platforms running KDE. It is an useful and easy to use program for all people that want a nice graphical interface instead of a simple telnet for playing MUDs. Features: connection wizard / profiles, automapper, aliases, triggers (also color-triggers, regex support), input history (with intelligent browsing), split screen in view history scrollback, numpad walking, speed walking, ansi/vt100 support with color customising, alternative input line & multiline input, logging facility, auto login / auto reconnect, programmable toolbar, MCCP (mud client compression protocol) support, plugin interface

Lyntin - Lyntin is a multi-platform mud-client that's geared towards the hacker/programmer mudder who requires a more sophisticated API for building their own modules. Lyntin is entirely written in Python, sports several interfaces (text, Tk, curses), and is compatible with Tintin commands and behavior.

MMUCL - Mark's MUd CLient - Excellent Mud Client written entirely in Tcl. Can run in several different modes, including both console and GUI modes. Runs under any OS that can run Tcl. Way easier to install than many unix/linux clients IMO.

MUSHclient - MUSHclient - a fast MUD client for Windows. Written in C++ for high speed. Has 500,000 line scrollback buffer, remembers last 5,000 commands entered (can be recalled sequentially or by searching), aliases, triggers, timers, keypad- navigation, speed-walking, auto-say, scripting, ANSI color supported, user-defined font and size, user-defined macros, spell checking, built-in editor, logging, copy/paste, printing, multiple worlds can be opened. Supports MXP, MCCP. Now supports plugins written in VBscript, Jscript or Perlscript to extend your MUD experience.

MUTT - Multi-User Trivial Terminal - The first Windows MUD client

MuckClient - Features: Works well with most mu* games, its free, its fast, its small, it has gags, highlights, macros, multiple sessions, logging, spell checker, command history, ansi support, and more.

MudMaster - The client is 32bit only (win95/NT). It runs in the win32 console mode which makes it quite a bit faster than any GUI client around. It supports actions, aliases, macros, variables, events, gags, highlights, arrays, lists, ANSI color. Site to site chat allows the private talking of players, transfer of files and transfer of scripts.

NCSA Telnet - FTP site for locating NCSA Telnet for Dos PCs.

Netterm - A shareware version of Netterm is available here.

Portal - The world's first truly global client (win95/98 only. Other OS's currently in progress) - Portal is a brilliant mud client. it is compatible with virtually hundreds of MUDs/MOOs/MUSHes etc... It has literally hundreds of features, with an easy to learn scripting feature to add your own features as well. Fully user-customisable.

Powwow - Powwow is a Unix MUD client. Its features include: multiple connections, aliases, triggers (actions), file logging, ansi colours, input history (with auto complete), powerful scripting language to build complex macros, numpad-walking and configurable single-key commands, speed-walking and more... Powwow also supports MUME remote editing.

Pueblo/UE - The once-popular and feature rich Pueblo client for Windows has been revived!

RMC - Ron's MUD Client - RMC is a MUD client for Linux/X11. It features multiple simultaneous connections, aliases, triggers, a built in connection editor, file and window logging, and an easy to use interface. Check it out!

RoAClient MUD Client - RoAClient MUD Client is a Winsock-based, 32-bit, GUI MUD client with support for unlimited triggers, aliases, nicknames, highlights, gags, unlimited color scrollback, split-screen scrollback, profile support for multiplaying, autoconnect, custom buttons, and more.

SClient - Sclient is an small fast mudclient to be runned under Linux/X windows. It's very much under development but it's still a great client(rated 3 of 5 on

SMM++ Mud Client - SMM++ Mud Client is a mud client with extended and unique features. Aside from all standard mud client functionality like ANSI color support, aliases, action triggers, and tab-completition, SMM++ features a highly-customizable user interface (labels, buttons, and menus) and unique and powerful mapping capabilities, and SMM++ is the only mapping crossplatform (Tcl/Tk based) mud client available.

SMud 1.0 - A windows MUD client allowing graphical interaction with a host. SMud is geared towards MOOs, but should work with most MUDs as well.

Savitar - This commercial-quality Macintosh program, written to work both in classic and native modes, claims that it's a dedicated MUVE client, but it works just fine with MUDs and MUSHes. It has full ANSI, events/triggers for sound/color highlighting, and other helpful features.

Simple, clean and extendable python mud client. - Simple, clean and extendable python mud client. Unfortunately only on pre-alpha stage.

SimpleMU MUD/MUSH Client - SimpleMU is a winsock-based client written by Kathleen McMahon (shae). It was designed with MUSHes in mind, however can be used for MUDs, MUCKs and MOOs. Some of its features are: ansi color support, multiple server support, MUD Client Compression Protocol, live spell check and thesaurus, history recall, keyboard macros, offline mail composing, triggers, pattern matching gags and sound triggers.

Stick in the MUD - Stick in the MUD, a short download but full-featured MUD client, with all the popular features and some original features, including the tell window, infinite scrollback, and sound triggers! Check back often, version 2.0 is in the works!

Telmu Telnet / MUD client for Symbian phones: Nokia 6600/7610/6680 - Written in C++, supports multiple connections simultaneously, line editor with history, scrollback buffer, ANSI colors, keybindings for quick input of frequently used phrases and triggers for creating automated actions for certain output.

The Macintosh (MacOS) MUDding Resource WWW Page - This page contains just about everything a Mac user would need to start mudding. Includes links to mud servers, mud clients, editors, and various other resource links.

The MadROM MudClient Page - A comprehensive resource of mud clients covering all of the available operating systems. Available in a frames and non-frames version you'll find just about all of the mud clients out there for any operating system.

The Spod! mud client - This site is the homepage, and 'news center' for the Spod! mud client, which is being developed as a multi-platform connectivity solution, in Java.

The eXtensible PERl scripTable MUDclient - xpertmud is a Unix/X11/KDE MUD Client with support for ANSI-Color, Word-Wrapping, Bookmarks with MUD-Specific scripts, inputline history and multiple windows. It offers the best scripting functionability out there: - Choose between Perl and Python - Use the full power of perl regexps for Triggers, Aliases and Keybindings - Timers allow you to execute tasks in the background - use multiple windows to have important status information always visible on screen - Keybindings allow features like Keypad-Walking, hotkeys for battles, ... If you know perl or python, there are no limits in what you can archieve with this client. Example script for the BT3030 MUX included.

TinyFugue - An entire page devoted to the TinyFugue client, one of the most popular.

Trebuchet Muck client - Trebuchet is an advanced cross-platform (Windows, Unix and MacOS X) Muck client with support for the latest in Muck features, including GUI dialogs for server-side programs.

VWMUD Master for Windows XP (Freeware) - VWMUD Master is one of the oldest windows Tintin-based MUD clients, originally designed for LPMud and playerkillers, it has recently been heavily updated and now includes additional mud support, extensive scripting capability and is absolutely free. The new version has been in development for over a year, and is still in BETA, but it has been used continually throughout that time very successfully and with good feedback from the testers. Also included is a supplemental program called MUDWatch, which reports on the status of over 150 MUDs that are currently active in the world.

WinMUD - Home of WinMUD, the unique Windows MUD client with skin support.

WinTin - A windows client which has completely ported TinTin ++.

Wintin.Net - An all-new version of Wintin, the Windows mud client that supports the popular tintin++ command set. Many new features, including new windowing system and powerful new commands.

WyrmNet - Information about WyrmNet - a Windows telnet client designed specifically for MUDs, MUCKs, MUSHs, and MOOs. Includes download sites and development news.

Zugg's MUD Client (zMud) - zMud is the world's premier Winsock MUD client for PC/Windows. This sophisticated GUI client supports multiple character windows (multiplaying), aliases, triggers with complex pattern matching, macro keys, variables, speedwalking, graphical buttons, extensive built-in and user-defined functions, ANSI;color, word wrapping, alarms, and online help. It is fully customizeable and 90% compatible with TinTin++ clients.

mcl - MUD client for Linux - mcl runs primarily under the Virtual Consoles of Linux, but can run in a slower mode, which allows it to run under xterm and any other UNIX. Supports scrollback limited only by your memory, separate input line, stable ANSI support, automatic prompt snarfing, aliases, macro keys, actions and substitutions. Extensively scriptable using Perl or Python.

pmc - Perl Mud Client - A text based Mud Client for Linux, written in Perl5, supporting readline, SSL, ANSI, MCP (MudClientProtocol) and full telnet negotiation support.

tintin++ - TinTin++ is a free mud client that runs on the Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX platforms. A TinTin++ Windows port named WinTin++ (not to be confused with other Wintin clients) is available for those who do not use Cygwin.

tkMOO-light - A very nice graphical cross-platform client written in Tcl/Tk.

yTin - yet another TinTin++. Motivated by wintin and tintin++, compiles on both windows and Unix. Lots of enhancement from TinTin++1.76. The advanced users liked it and some features for newbie will be added soon. The size is small (55K zipped) while give the users almost all the programming ability they need.

ymusk - A mush client written in Perl, built around the Net::Telnet and Tk modules. It is meant to be a simple program which is easily customizable. Its features include logging, macro definition, speech filters, command history, ANSI colors, multi-input and output windows and many other goodies.

zMUD; zMapper, AC Explorer, zExplorer - zMUD is the world's leading MUD/Telnet client for PC/Windows. This sophisticated GUI client supports multiple character windows (multiplaying), aliases, triggers with complex pattern matching, macro keys, variables, speedwalking, automatic map generation, equipment database, graphical buttons, extensive built-in and user-defined functions, ANSI color, Simutronic game support, VT100 support, MSP, MXP, MCP, MCCP support, Pueblo emulation, word wrapping, alarms, and online help. It is fully customizeable and 90 percent compatible with TinTin++ clients. Compatible with proxy servers and firewalls, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, and NT.

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