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Player Survey

Mud players, here is your chance to let the mud administrators involved with TMC hear your thoughts about various aspects of mudding. This initial survey will likely be refined over time, additional information will be added and the overall item fine tuned.

To keep the results from being skewed by multiple repeat submissions the system will only allow one survey submission a day to be accepted from a given domain.

Display survey results

Feature Like intensely Like No preference Dislike Dislike intensely
1) Player killing:
2) Classless system:
3) Large number of player levels:
4) Level based equipment:
5) Extensive thief skills:
6) Extensive selection of classes:
7) Extensive selection of races:
8) Detailed character creation:
9) Availability of detailed help files:
10) Player owned shops:
11) Player owned houses:
12) Player created equipment:
13) Clan system:
14) Unique zones:
15) Class/race restricted equipment:
16) Online world maps available:
17) Availability of remort:
18) Specialized remort classes/races:

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