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Mud Listings By Category

Our extensive database is searchable categorically. Choose a category of interest from the choices below and a search query will be constructed and executed by the TMC advanced search engine.

Adult-Oriented Muds - Contains content not suitable for minors

Amber - Based on Roger Zelazny's Amber novels

Anime - Based on Japanese animation

Babylon 5 - Based on the popular television show

Christian-Based Muds - Themes based on Christianity

Comic Books - Based on comic book themes

Diablo - Based on Diablo

Dragonball - Based on Dragonball

Cyberpunk - Based on William Gibson's Cyberpunk Genre

Dark Fantasy/Horror - Muds with a dark fantasy and/or horror theme/genre

Default Telnet Port - Muds running on the default telnet port (port # 23)

Default WWW Port - Muds running on the default web port (port # 80)

DragonLance - Based on DragonLance

Dungeons and Dragons - Based on TSR's Dungeons and Dragons ®

Eddings - Based on the works of David Eddings

Educational - Muds used for educational purposes

Final Fantasy / Phantasy Star - Muds which are based on Final Fantasy or Phantasy Star

Forgotten Realms - Based on TSR's Forgotten Realms

Free Muds (Broad Category) - Muds which are free to play

Furry Muds - Muds based on anthropomorphics

Futuristic Muds - Muds which are set in the future

Harry Potter - Based on Harry Potter

Historical - Based on actual or fictional history

Level-based muds - Muds whose training and equipment systems are level-based

Leveless and Classless muds - Muds which are based around leveless and classless training systems

Medieval Fantasy - Based on a medieval fantasy environment

Gothic - Based on a Gothic genre

Magic: The Gathering - Muds based on Magic: The Gathering

Modern Day - Muds set in modern times

Newbie Friendly - Muds that are extra friendly for newbie players

Non-Player Killing Muds - Muds not allowing any form of player killing

Original World - Muds which claim to have a completely original world

Palladium - Muds based on Palladium's books (RIFTs, Robotech, Heroes Unlimited, etc)

Pay to play Muds - Muds requiring registration or other fees to play

Pern - Based on Anne McCaffrey's Pern Series

Player Killing Muds - Muds allowing unrestricted player killing

Pokemon - Muds based on Pokemon

Post Apocalyptic - Based on a post apocalypse scenario

Pure Player Killing Muds - Muds based strictly on player killing

Research Oriented - Muds used for research

Restricted Player Killing Muds - Muds allowing restricted player killing

Roleplaying Muds - Roleplaying is accepted within the game. (Also try these categories roleplay-encouraged and roleplay-enforced)

Science Fiction - Muds that deal with science fiction

Sexually-Oriented - (ADULT ONLY) Muds containing sexually oriented material (ADULT ONLY)

Shadowrun - Muds based on Shadowrunner

Skill-based muds - Muds whose training and equipment systems are skill-based

Social muds - Muds which primarily provide an outlet for social interaction

Star Trek Muds - Based on the Star Trek TV series or movies

Star Wars Muds - Based on the Star Wars movies

SuperHeroes - Based on superheros

Sword of Truth - Based on the Sword of Truth book series by Terry Goodkind

Talkers - List talkers and talker-style muds

Tolkien - Based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien

Transformers - Based on the 'Transformers' theme

Ultima - Based on the world of Ultima

Warhammer - Muds based on Warhammer

Wheel of Time - Based on Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series

Vampire: The Masquerade - Muds based on 'Vampire: The Masquerade'

World of Darkness - Based on White Wolf Studio's "World of Darkness"

X-Files - Based on the X-Files TV show and motion picture

We will be happy to add new categories recommended by our users, provided the suggestion fits a well-defined category that can be constructed via the TMC advanced search engine. While some suggestions may fall out of scope for this layout, we will try our best to provide new categories based on your input. To recommend a new category send email to .

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