Thesis Research

On October 9, 1997 I successfully defended my thesis and completed my master's degree in Mathematical Sciences. The topic of my research involved Genetic Algorithms and their application in curve-fitting and function optimization.

Genetic Algorithms are computational models which simulate the behavior of natural systems, like biological reproductive systems. Their structure is likened to Darwin's theory of Evolution, where 'survival of the fittest' in candidate solution strings takes over and the best fit candidates dominate the population. Through iteration this eventually leads to the optimal solution (at least this is the hope).

The topic of my research dealt with applying GAs to two very distinct problems:

  1. curve-fitting
  2. function optimization with fitness dependent on an objective function value and an auxilliary condition (stability).

Genetic Algorithms work suitably well at solving both of these problems in competitive computation times. If GAs sound interesting to you be sure to check out the newsgroup.

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