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Lisa Bjerre
Location: Sweden
Primary Mud: Armageddon
Primary Alias: Jolanda
I'm a 26-year old journalist who has been involved in mudding for five years as a builder, administrator, player and storyteller. My primary interest is role-playing and I will gladly answer any questions within that field, as well as any concerns from first time gamers.

Marc Bowden
Location: Ann Arbor, MI, United States
Primary Mud: Dreamshadow ( 3333)
Primary Alias: Soulsinger
I am a 28-year old computer systems specialist who has been working, playing, and observing LpMUDs since 1989. The majority of my training is in sociology, psychology, management, and criminal investigations.

Willing to answer or consult on any questions dealing with organizing, motivating, or getting along with your staff or guests, or anything in a personnel, administrative, or legal vein.

Also willing to consult on training techniques and artificial intelligence modeling.

Christina Lahti
Location: Eastern US
Primary Mud: Ages of Despair (
Primary Alias: Nemesis
I am 29 years old and work as a web designer/technical specialist. I have been mudding for 4 years (mainly LP mud types) and am currently an Administrator on Ages of Despair. I have an above average understanding of LPC programing and am well versed in public relations, wizard staff recruiting and mud promotions. When I am not mudding I spend my time creating 3D and Fantasy Computer Art.

Cris Robson
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Primary Mud: Asritya
Primary Alias: Indi

Alan "Javelin" Schwartz
Location: Berkeley, CA (Will be Chicago, IL starting August 19 or so)
Primary Mud: Riverworld MUSH
Primary Alias: Li Erh
Began mudding in 1991 at Sejnet Dikumud, but soon got into roleplaying MUSHes. God of DuneMUSH (now closed). Currently God of Riverworld MUSH and maintainer of the PennMUSH server source code. Author of Javelin's Guide for PennMUSH Gods and Editor of Journal of MUD Research. My primary interests are in MUD administration, especially on roleplaying MUDs.

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