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Use the following search form to restrict your mud searching based on several criteria. Among the available options are geographical region, mud server type, and many characteristics you'd like to find in a mud. If your search results are not acceptable, try a broader set of keywords, or a different keyword search mode (you can search for All of the specified keywords, Some of the keywords, or treat the keywords as a Phrase to match.

If you find this search interface daunting feel free to try our Simple Search page.

It's Not Just a Game |------[ ]------| It's an ATTITUDE
6 Planets. 60 Races. 1,000 Skills & Spells. Infinite Possibilities.

Keyphrase Options

Search Mode: Phrase All keywords Any keywords
Search for keyphrase in 'theme' field only

Basic Options

Select a server type:
Select a location:
Select a language:
(Note: Do not choose an option and its 'Not' counterpart in the
same search, they will cancel each other out!)

[ Not] Extended race selection
[ Not] Extended class selection
[ Not] Multi-classing allowed
[ Not] Free Character Creation
[ Not] Quests available
[ Not] Newbie Friendly
[ Not] Pueblo Enhanced
[ Not] Currently Hiring Builders
[ Not] Clans Offered
[ Not] Under Construction
(Not open to the public for play)

[ Not] Supports MCCP
[ Not] Educational mud
[ Not] Research oriented
[ Not] Ansi Color Used
[ Not] Pay to play
[ Not] Adult-Oriented Material
[ Not] Equipment Saved
[ Not] Currently Hiring Coders
[ Not] Detailed Char Creation
[ Not] Leveless System
[ Not] Classless System
[ Not] Supports MXP
[ Not] Supports MSP (New)

Player-kill and Multi-Play Options

[ Not] Restrict search to muds allowing limited or full Multi-playing
[ Not] Restrict search to muds allowing restricted or full Player-killing
[ Not] Restrict search to Pure Player-killing muds

Training and Equipment System Options
(Choose only 1 training and equipment option per search)

Level-Based Training System
Skill-Based Training System
Skill & Level-Based Training System
Level-Based Equipment System
Skill-Based Equipment System
Skill & Level-Based Equipment System

World Size/Originality Options
(Choose only 1 world size and originality option per search)

Small World (under 3,000 rooms)
Medium World (3,000+ rooms)
Large World (8,000+ rooms)
Huge World (15,000+ rooms)
All Original
Mostly Original
Mostly Stock
All Stock

Choose a Roleplaying Model
(Choose only 1 of the available options per search)

Non-Roleplaying Mud
Roleplaying is Accepted
Roleplaying is Encouraged
Roleplaying is Enforced

Choose a Player Model
[ The following options specify the number of players expected online at any given time ]
(Choose only 1 of the available options per search)

Under 10 players
10 - 24 players
25 - 49 players
50 - 74 players
75 - 99 players
100+ players

Mud Date Options

Please specify a date filter technique and a date for filtering mud listings:

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